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Pian Grande BB Norcia Piani di Castelluccio  

Pian Grande

Immense plateau surrounded by hills and mountains, it is the most spectacular naturalistic scenery of Umbria.
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Norcia B&B   Norcia piazza BB Norcia


The beautiful town, surrounded by medieval city walls, rises in a mountainous amphitheatre in the Sibylline Mountains National Park. Norcia offers to its visitors a perfect union between environment, art and gastronomy.
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Campi di Norcia   Campi di Norcia BB Norcia

Val Castoriana

This enchanting valley was the spiritual cradle of saint Benedict calling and benedictine movement.
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San Eutizio   San Eutizio BB Norcia

San Eutizio

S. Eutizio abbey was an important religious center for all the middle Ages. It was built near some caves that were a refuge for the eremites escaping from Syria in the V century. It is here that Benedictine monks practiced medicine and surgery (IX-XIII century).
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Monte Vettore   Monte Vettore BB Norcia

Monte Vettore

Mount Vettore (2476 m) is the highest peak of the central Apennines. (View from Zilioli refuge).
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Madonna Bianca   Madonna Bianca BB Norcia

Madonna Bianca

The church is situated in Sant’Angelo. The church was called “Madonna Bianca” (White Our Lady) because of an image made of white marble that is in the church and identified with Saint Mary. (XIV-XV century).
BB Norcia
San Salvatore   San Salvatore BB Norcia

San Salvatore

In the plain of Campi there is the ancient church called S. Salvatore, one of the most important churches of the region for its architecture and its religious significance.
BB Norcia
Castelluccio di Norcia   Castelluccio di Norcia BB Norcia

Castelluccio di Norcia

It is just in the heart of the Sibylline Mountains National Park, 1453 m high, it dominates the well-known PIAN GRANDE and it is the higher town of Umbria.
BB Norcia
Preci B&B   Preci B&B BB Norcia


If you follow the little river Campiano, you arrive to Preci, small mountain village. It is situated in a beautiful position and it was known for the “Surgery Art” practiced by the inhabitants.
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